Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Man in the Basement

Within moments, I found myself in the basement of a house and a strange feeling mixed with fear angst and terror invaded me. Then, out of nothing, a tall man wth eagle eyes appeared. Wanting to scape from this walking dead, I ran and walked hurriedly, but couldn´t find the scape exit.

Finally, a stare at the ceiling showed me the only scape exit, which was too tall to reach. When the creature was about to grab me, that was the moment that I opened my eyes, just to realize that I had a terrible nightmare.

The same nightmare has accompanied me for years, and there was a time when I could always preview what was going to come on a given nightmare night. I remember that on a sebsequent sequence of this nightmare, I was able to reach the exit and scape; I also managed to pile up heavy things on the outside to prevent the creature from scaping.

Now, whenever I have a nightmare and see the coming sequence of that nightmare, I always try to avoid that closed exit, but I always sense the creature there in the basement.

Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons