Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Ghost Behind the Window

Under the darkness of that foggy night, he could hear the squeaky sounds of the wooden beams directly above his head in the attic of the house. A rumor had been spread in the neighborhood that a ghost had been seen hunting the house.

He did not believe in ghosts, but the ceaseless noises, and the gloomy foggy night began to produce within him a series of unreal mental shapes. He imagined human-like figures strolling beyond the closed door of his bedroom, each time stepping closer and closer.

Behind his bed, where he was laid down, there was a window facing the back patio. A brisk breeze outside of the house produced a whizzing sound, which made the wooden beams rustle incessantly, creating a creepy atmosphere.

His sense of hearing was the most acute at that moment. Something stepping down the stairs of the house began to be heard. His terrified mind could only imagine a strange being with a wear down face and heading towards him.

When the strange being reached the last step of the stair, he was petrified to his bed with terror, such that any incident that could occur at that moment could hardly get him out of this fearful state. He was so concentrated at the moving sounds made by that strange creature, when the blinking lights of a passing car made him turn his head towards the window.

“I got to get out of here,” he reacted decidedly.

Without hesitation, he pulled the window open and crept outside of the house. He walked a few yards away from the window, each time thinking that the strange creature could have followed him out the window. He turned around and peered towards the window, which was being moved by the cold wind, making a rocking sound, then, he gazed up towards the attic, where the dark shadow of a walking figure produced within him a profoundly chilling fear.