Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sixth Sense

¨Do you know what?, I have a sixth sense¨ she said misteriously.

¨I didn´t know that¨ I exclaimed.

¨well, I can sense when someone wants to do harm or when the situation starts to become threatening¨ she affirmed.

¨Once¨she continued

´I was walking at the park, when the mood in the ambient started to change; suddenly, out of nowhere, a huge tree branch fell down ¿ from a tree and darted right on where I was standing. If I had not raised my right arm on time, it would have broken my face. That is how I got this scar on my right arm¨ she concluded.

We were about to enter the museum at the monastery that we were visiting that day and where they had mummies, monk statues and other stuff. We first visited the chamber where the mumies were; there were four of them; two adults and two children.

From there, we passed to the chamber of the monks, where we noticed two of them; one on the chamber´s corner and the other on the oposite side. This was the precise moment when, she began to breath hesitantly.

¨What´s wrong?¨ I asked.

¨The monks¨ she replied.

¨Don´t you feel something? ¨ She inquired.

¨No¨ I replied.

¨Let´s get out of here¨she said terrified.

Once, out of the museum, she explained;

¨One of the monks was watching us. I felt as if it wanted to do us some harm¨

Her apprehension stopped once we left the museum, and things went back to normal for the rest of the day.

CC-BY-SA-2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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